The Postcards From The Heart Competition on TAU2 devoted to the Valentine’s Day attracted a lot of interest from TAU2 members. All the site users helped us choose the best postcards: we’ve received over 120,000 votes! The voting is over and we congratulate the winners!

The two best postcards from men were chosen by the female TAU2 users: both Eliezer (1st place) and Tim (2nd place) get the main prize of 120 credits each which have been already credited to their accounts. All the other men who took part in the competition have got 55 credits as a participation prize.

It was much more difficult to choose the winning postcards from female users. There were hundreds of entries and each one of them was interesting in its own way. The voting lasted for over two weeks and almost a thousand of male users took part in it. To keep the voting honest, we counted only the unique votes, that is, each man could only vote once for any postcard he liked. The 1st place goes to Valentina who gets the main prize — a gift basket worth of 100 euros. Two additional prizes (gift baskets worth of 55 euros each) go to Diana and Judie. Three more women — Inna and two Olgas, who got 4th, 5th and 6th places — will get gifts from TAU2 which will be mailed to them.

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The voting took place at This page is still active and you can see the postcards for which you have voted as well as the winning entries. If you took part in the competition yourself, this page will show you which TAU2 users voted for your postcard. Perhaps, one of them is the very person who will make you happy.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants of the competition!

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