March 8 is a special holiday, it’s the celebration of spring, love and declarations of love. In the past, at the beginning of the 20th century, this day celebrated the fight of the ladies for equal rights with men, but nowadays this is merely the day when each woman can feel like a Lady — attractive, mysterious and beautiful. On this day the men around her traditionally act like Knights, become caring and attentive. They say compliments, wish her all the best, show their care and even do all the household chores like cooking dinner and doing the dishes.

The traditions of this holiday are strictly observed: men always give flowers to their mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives and loved ones. On March 8 the price of bouquets skyrockets, but it doesn’t stop the men who are eager to congratulate their beloved women on this day. And this is understandable: it is only once a year that men have a chance to show their appreciation to the better half of the humankind as in Russia and other post-Soviet countries the Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated yet.

On March 8 all women on TAU2 expect to get congratulations and small tokens of affection. On this day it’s so easy to get a new acquaintance — it’s enough to congratulate the woman you like. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Do wish the woman to feel fresh and happy, to find her true and wonderful love. And may your wishes come true and your first conversation become the beginning of a new and wonderful lifelong romance!


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  1. vassilios says:

    hello Elena. The way u write you make me feel a better world we live. U r right that women r attractive mysterious and beautiful. They r young clever and sweet as young girls they become beautiful curious and competitive, Then wonderer, lover and exclusive. Become mother with plenty tenderness fair and strict sometimes and then mature enjoy family life offering many emotions including intimate feelings that makes her mysterious. But she makes the world go faster and in various directions with one overall target to survive in better world not with revolution but evolution. regards Vassilis