To many men and women, family and relatives are the most important thing in their lives. Most people pay attention to what a potential partner writes about himself or herself, what he or she tells about the family members. Telling about family traditions, family values helps make an impression of the person and how he or she will behave in marriage.

Now you have an opportunity to attract the attention of truly suitable potential partners to your profile. Just tell about the most important things in your life: your family and your expectations for the future family life.

• First of all, tell about your family members, about the people who are dear to you, regardless of whether you live together or are separated by thousands of miles. Try to explain what ‘my family’ means to you.
• Do you keep in touch with your relatives? With which ones? Tell about your family gatherings. Do you have family traditions?
• Think of your ancestors. You must have someone in your family tree whom you are proud of. Tell about this person and why you respect him or her so much. Are you like your ancestor? In what ways?
• Tell about your friends. How often do you get together? What do you do? Do you prefer to visit your friends or to invite them to your place? What do you do when your friends come over? Do you have your own particular ways to have fun together?
• If you have pets, tell about them — they are also a part of your family, after all.
• Describe the ideal family you would like to have. What family members does it include? Who is the breadwinner? How are the chores divided between husband, wife and other family members? Which of your parents’ family traditions you would like to keep in your new family?

If you follow our guidelines, you will get a story about your family and friends, about the family traditions that you would like to keep in your new family, about your expectations of the future family life. Re-read your story and think whether it shows what kind of spouse you will be, what values will be the foundation of your future family life. Look through the family photo archive and pick the photos of your family members mentioned in your story: they will make a good illustration to the text. It would be good if the pictures show several generations of your family — together or separately. It would also be good if you and your family members are shown in a casual setting, for example, during a family celebration.

Right now you can think of your family: your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents. Which one of them do you resemble — in appearance or character? Whose family values have you inherited? Which family traditions would you like to keep?

Send your story and photographs to I will edit your story if necessary and then will send you the revised text for approval. If you like the revised version, your story will be published in My Family section of TAU2 Blog ( with a link to your profile.

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