I love… I love the summer sunshine, the fresh sea breeze, the twinkling stars in the sky, the charming moonlight. I love to sit by a campfire in silence, listening to the dry firewood crackling in the flames, I love to look in the eyes of my close ones and smile at them. At this moment my heart is bursting with emotions. No, I’m not an ordinary person. Not everyone can share my feelings. I value friendship, never forgive betrayal, love my mum and believe in myself. My father is proud of me.

I value friendship highly, I can accommodate the people around me without losing my dignity. Children are very fond of me, I can spend hours playing with them. I know a lot about child development, education, healthy habits, teaching English. I am a nice companion, reliable friend and the best mother for my child. I want to have more children. And I’m ready to start a family.

I love taking care of the people I love. And it doesn’t matter whether they are my parents, children or friends. I want to care for my beloved man, but where are you?

My Family

Every person has a family and those who don’t are dreaming about having one — to share joy and sorrow, to know that you’ll be given help in any situation… My family is the most valuable thing I have. I love my mother very much because she will always understand me and support me. I adore my sister and am very proud of her: she is a wonderful wife, an excellent mother of her children.

My parents are very happy people. They live all their lives together in harmony and love, respecting and understanding each other. I would also like to have such a life with my future husband. All my relatives on my father’s side of the family are workaholics, they are persistent in achieving their goals. My great great grandfather Afanasiy shook the hand of the tsar Nikolay himself. At the time he was serving in Moscow in Semenov’s regiment. His son Semen, my great grandfather, fell in the battle for Kursk, he was only 29 years old. I look like my forefathers a lot, but as for my personality traits, I’ve inherited them from my grandmother. My grandmother has a strong will and great endurance. It was the war that made her that way: my grandmother grew up in the besieged Leningrad.

My parents instilled the proper values in me. They always told me that I should respect not only myself, but also those around me. Since my little daughter Zlata came into my life, it’s become even better. We teach her to recite poems, she is very funny when singing or telling something. She makes up stories and things! That’s how wonderful my family is! And when I have my own family, I want it to be just as strong and harmonious, so that I would wake up feeling happy every day!

My Friends

I have a lot of friends and we see each other often. I prepare for the visits beforehand and think what I would do to make my friends happy: Shall I buy a gift? Shall I bake a pie? Or shall I make something with my own hands? But however great it is to visit with friends, there’s no place like home. Because home is the cosiest and calmest place in the whole world. Home is the gentle hand of mum and the strong hand of dad on my shoulder. Home is my own city and my own street where I know every little thing. It’s the parks, the museums and monuments, the old city and the newly built multi-storied buildings. It’s the chestnuts and bird cherry trees, the poplars and the aspens in my own yard.

Our Traditions

My family gets together often. For the New Year we bake special New Year pies with a surprise: one pie has a coin, another one is made salty and the third one is very sweet. While the whole family is gathered around the table and the clock is chiming midnight, everybody picks a pie from the whole lot of them piled on a dish. The one who gets the coin will be rich in the new year, the one who gets the salty pie will have hard life and the one who gets the sweet pie will have a merry and sweet year.

Every year on November 24 (this is my parents’ wedding anniversary) dad buys the biggest and ripest pineapple and our small but close-knit and happy family eats it. My parents have never told us why the pineapple is the main treat but my dad says that on this day he would always put a pineapple on the table even if he has to travel to the tropics to get it.

As soon as the spring comes, on the first warm weekend, we go to the woods. We make a bonfire and roast shashlik (shish kebab). We greet the arrival of spring, listen to birds singing and enjoy the fresh air. This tradition exists since I was born.

I Want To Wake Up Happy

I want to have a family in which everyone feels warm and cosy, where there’s peace, love and respect. It’s important for husband and wife to share the world-view, to learn how to find a compromise in difficult situations, to have common interests and hobbies. A family united by some common passion has a much more sturdy foundation than the one built on just the habit of co-habitation. The family traditions are also important: the pie recipe that goes back to great grandmother, the family celebrations, photographs and home videos.

And most importantly, one should understand that the close ones are near and are ready to share both joy and sorrow. Egotism kills the relationship. If the family members are not used to caring for each other, to sharing both good and bad times, to striving for mutual understanding, then it’s impossible to build a lasting relationship. Perhaps, there are no ideal families, because all of us have our own drawbacks and shortcomings, our own habits and opinions. But when people are striving for the ideal, it’s already a lot! It means that they have a real chance to achieve what they desire!

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About The Author

Slaviana (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Slaviana is a 27 years old from Ekaterinburg, Russia. She is cheerful, active and determined. She likes travelling, sports and an active lifestyle.

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  1. Frederick (Heldo) says:

    Liebe Slaviana,

    mir fehlen noch die Worte ueber Deine Selbstdarstellung und deren Tiefgang ! Leider ist Dein Profil nicht einsehbar, was ich sehr bedauere !

    Ich wuensche Dir von Herzen alles gute, Du bist innerlich ein wunderbarer Mensch, Deine Eltern koennen zu recht stolz auf so eine Tochter sein und Deine Freunde wissen hoffentlich Deine Freundschaft richtig zu schaetzen !

    Alles liebe, alles erdenklich Gute, aus dem schoenen Irland, mit grossem Respekt und Hoffnung auf eine friedliche Welt, Frederick

  2. Graziano says:

    Uhm,ehi how are you doin’? I’ve read trough your life. Anyway everytime i’m thinking about life, is strangeness. you’re look a good person, you know it’s hard to find, sometimes I feel fine when I believe that one is founded. Ok have a good life..a great hug from Italy. :)

  3. Татьяна says:

    я согласна..семья это уважение..понимание..забота..поддержка в трудное время..и общая радость..

  4. jose says:

    Eres sencillamente maravillosa!!!

    Un cordial saludo desde España

  5. jasim says:

    may god help you.i hope that you are meet to me and you are known me.